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7 Classical Characteristics

February 3, 2009

We continue to watch as the public institutions of education struggle to stay afloat while private education and especially home schools rise upon perches of excellence.  Even more marked is the difference between classical education and its modern rival.  By comparing the two models seven distinctive characteristics emerge. 



  1. Classical education is eternal versus progressive.
  2. Classical education is adult oriented versus child centered.
  3. Classical education honors versus measures the nature of a child.
  4. Classical education is the moral versus vocational training of the child.
  5. Classical education is thought driven versus content driven.
  6. Classical education accepts nature and knowledge versus rejecting nature and knowledge.
  7. Classical education is for freedom versus slavery.

 The difference is clear, but the decision can be difficult in a culture that marginalizes what it means to be human.  Four fundamental thoughts must be considered in weighing one’s decision.  Parents who are deciding what kind of education they want for their child will need to: 1) recognize their core beliefs concerning nature, 2) determine what education means, 3) conceive how the right education is best achieved, and 4) clearly envision the purpose of education.  Today’s parents have a choice between two competing options; only one is fit for the human soul.





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