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Assessing America

February 26, 2009

Yesterday Glen Beck gave the following assessment:

Everyone is talking about trying to save the banks, but the one thing they’re missing is that in order to save the banks or the Big Three or any other company, we must first rescue something else from the brink of collapse: our values.

Despite what Ben Bernanke or Timothy Geithner tell you, we do not have a liquidity problem in this country. There is no shortage of cash. But there is a major shortage of the currency more important than the almighty dollar and that’s honor, honesty and integrity. …

…No one ever said that living with honor and integrity would be easy. But the true test of character is not only the decisions you make when no one’s looking, but it’s also the decisions you make because everyone is looking.

 What does it say about personal character when our decisions are not governed by virtue, but by public opinion? 



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