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Dinning Table Project: Part 1

November 8, 2011

I recently saw a rustic table on another blog that inspired me to finally build the dinning table I have been talking about for years.

The table was a simple 4’x6’x32″ table made of 2 x 12 and 4 x 4 that I could pick up from my local Lowes. Not quite.

I asked my wife what she thought. That was the first detour I encountered. The second was trying to find untreated 4 x 4.

My wife graciously opened our new Williams and Sonoma mail catalog and showed me a table that required twice the wood and effort to make. The plans for the other table were already mapped out. Now I would have to start from a picture.

“Well, can’t you just get bigger wood, and put it together?” Uh, it’s not that easy.

To prove just how difficult it is, but my willingness to honor my wife, I am taking on the task.


From → The Farm

  1. You’re a good man Buck. I know your pain.

    btw, this summer I was in Pendleton, OR for a day. I stopped in at Hamley & Co. and thought of you. You been there?

  2. No I haven’t, but thanks for the link. That is a pretty nice looking place, and I would love to go.

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