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Dinning Table Project: 3

November 15, 2011

Well, I have made some progress. There are 8 pieces that make up the table top, 4 – 2 x 6’s and 2 – 2 x 12’s. I had to glue and dowel them together by twos before connecting them as a single piece. Considering the years (at least 20) they sat in Mr. Worthington’s barn, they were a bit warped. It took some careful clamp work, but I managed to get most of the bends out.



It is hard to tell with these pictures, but I have a good bit of plane work to do.

I finished the legs tonight, and I am pretty happy with them.


Starting tomorrow, I will attach a 2 x 4 border to the table top. After that, I will need to plane and prep the pieces for varnish, and then put it together. I am hoping to have it done this weekend.













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  1. It’s lookin’ good for a speed project.

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