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Dinning Table Project: almost done

November 23, 2011

My daughter Gavriel decided to start helping me, and we finished the sanding last night.

I could not get all of the rolls and unevenness out in the timeframe I allotted myself (by Thanksgiving), but I figure that is what makes it a rustic table anyway.

I also tried to remove any large cracks with wood filler. However, my problem is that as soon as I see one crack, I very quickly begin filling every crack. If wood filler is done well and sanded correctly, it can improve the final look. But if it is done poorly and too much of it is noticeable, it can be a distraction from the beauty of the wood and ruin a project. I tried to find the right balance, but I do have a time frame (excuse #1) and I did have my most impatient daughter helping me who was far to anxious to start staining last night (excuse #2).

Here she is trying to lift the table.


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