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Standardized Testing

April 13, 2012

Diane Ravitch discusses the pitfalls of standardized testing. What is fascinating are the educational results from Finland. Globally, Finland ranks number 2 in math, science, and literacy. Not a single standardized test is given to students. A graduating student who applies for college will take a final exam at the end of his or her elementary education. That’s it.

In contrast, American spends billions in standardized testing from grades K-12. Parents, boards, and colleges are obsessed with testing. Teachers are assessed based on the testing results produced by the students. Teachers are fired and schools are closed. The only persons not responsible for testing are the students, test writers, and the Department of Education. Guess who writes the general classroom tests in Finland? The teacher. Imagine that.

Here is the link:

Testing in American Education


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One Comment
  1. Great link, Buck. So many scifi writers have gotten our emotional fear of “numbers” down so well; whenever you want to scare someone, make a measurement for it.

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